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I have to give credit where it is due.  N2 was where it all started.  The owners and directors here saw something in me when they asked me to be a Control Rider for them back in 2015.  Their focus on rider education and safety is always top of mind.  I am currently leading the ATP (Advanced Training Program) there which has been a tremendous success.  For more information about N2, visit them here. 


Through a strong relationship with N2 Track Days, it quickly became obvious that working with the team at YCRS was the best way for me to strengthen not just my riding skills but my abilities as a coach and instructor.  All of the offerings coming from YCRS are of the highest level.  Consistent messaging and a direct alignment with the principals here at GP Coach create a strong partnership.  Check them out here. 


YCRS has seen the need for a certification in the rider coaching community that is unparalleled by anything else out there.  Having been the first person to go through this certification program as well as being the liaison for new candidates going through the program, the expectations are high and the quality of coaches achieving the certification is unmatched.  If you are curious about the program or are interested in becoming a 3C, check it out here.


Quickly becoming the standard for rider coaching in the motorcycling community, this organization has developed an extremely professional program.  With a desire to grow not just interest in the sport of motorcycling but also an awareness of the importance of proper instruction, I am proud to be one of the first 100 coaches to be certified through the program.  Click here for more information.  

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