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is founded on three major principles...

1) Above all else, help the rider become safer first! 

   Before we become faster riders, we must first learn to become safer riders.  We all want to go faster, but as our speed increases, so does the risk factor.  We need to minimize risk as much as possible. 


2) Do what the best riders in the world are doing!

   This comes straight from YCRS verbiage.  MotoGP, World SBK, MotoAmerica champions.  At the school we preach and evangelize what these riders are doing because they are the best at the sport.  We should look to them for proper technique.  

3) Help the rider identify and reach their goals!

   We all have different reasons we love this sport.  Our level of enjoyment is directly related to our ability to succeed.  How do we achieve this desired outcome? Identify a goal, formulate a plan...execute!     

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