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  • AJ Ciampa

Quick Tips: Want success? Aim low!

I know, it doesn't sound right, does it? But let's think about it for a moment...

If we break down what it takes to achieve a high level of success, it’s typically just made up of a lot of smaller successes linked together that ultimately allow us to reach that higher goal.   Goals are able to be reached when we have a clear understanding of the path to success.  The path then becomes a series of lower level goals that are way more achievable than if we were to immediately try and reach that higher goal right away.  Aim low.  Focus on a smaller, more achievable goal or set of goals that become the foundation for how you reach your desired end state.

For example, don't go out on the track focused on the goal of getting a personal best lap time. Instead, have your goal be to hit every apex, or use your brakes to the slowest point of the corner. These smaller goals are not only more achievable, but they are part of the path to achieving a personal best lap time. They need to be completed in order for the desired outcome to be realized.

Each success is an improvement of yourself.  Knowledge gained.  A step closer.  This takes time, focus and discipline.  Identify the path, stay the course and you give yourself the best chance for success.

Always stay focused on what's directly in front of you.

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